Restore Your Health
Goal #2 ~ Restore Your Health

Too many Americans are fat, sick and nearly dead.  This is NOT normal!  You are designed to be Healthy, not sick.  Eating Whole Foods, not taking countless medications, most with deliterious side effects.  Most of today's common illnesses are Lifestyle Related.  Yes, Heart Disease, Diabetes 2, Chronic Pain, and Cancer are Lifestyle related and can often be reversed or stopped with relatively simple Lifestyle Changes.  This book is an overview of those simple steps to Change Your Lifestyle.

Many people, including patients, are told to eat 'better', eat more fiber from vegetables and fruit, avoid high fat and salt etc.  Whether it is the physician or nutritionist the prescription is much the same; unfortunately, it is a prescription that can't be filled in the pharmacy!  This is where this book comes in.  Medical practitioners and nutritionists tell patients what to eat; we show them HOW to do it so they experience the DELICIOUS wonders of whole food plant based cuisine that is the centerpiece of a Plant-Based Lifestyle. 

A plant-based diet lifestyle begins with food choices, but also includes several other alternative and holistic aspects that keep our bodies in balance, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  This Lifestyle includes eating healthy foods, hydrating our bodies properly, moderate exercise that research has shown to be highly effective in healing our bodies and moving us forward to health and wellness.  Everyone has the potential to live long, healthy and happy lives, with no side effects from invasive treatments and pharmaceutical drugs.

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